Exactly what is Electronic Cigarettes and How do they Work?

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what is electronic cigarettes girlElectronic cigarettes have become the best alternative to regular cigarettes for a couple of reasons but mainly because they can help smokers to quit smoking and at the same time improve your overall health from the moment you get started using them. But what is all this about electronic cigarettes, can they really create the same pleasure for smokers as a regular cigarette does? In this article we are going to take a closer look at some of the key features using e cigarettes.

Let us first make one thing perfectly clear and that is electronic cigarette is not a magic shortcut to quit smoking because in order for you to become successful you still need to have the motivation to do it, else there is nothing in this world that will make it for you. However when we are talking quit smoking devices electronic cigarettes for sure is your best option and in my opinion far better than chewing gums, hypnosis, bandages or all the other options available on the market.

If we take a closer look at regular cigarettes they will provide you with 4000 harmful chemicals and where 40 of those are directly related to cancer diseases that can cause death. When using electronic cigarettes there is only one chemical left and that is the nicotine that are being mixed with the vapor in the electronic cigarette in very small dosages similar to what you would get in a regular cigarette. When nicotine is acting on its own without other chemicals it will not be as harmful as if it is interacting with other chemicals. However you should still take your precautions and have as a goal to completely get rid of the nicotine as well.

The strength of electronic cigarettes is that the inhaling and exhaling of the vapor is exactly as if it was a regular cigarette, but with the benefit that they will not produce any ashes, stains or bad odor that will sit in your clothes, home and car. When you exhale the vapor it will not generate any second hand smoke that would harm your surroundings either.

The nicotine you will get with electronic cigarettes are the same dose as your preferred brand, normally you will be able to choose the exactly strength as the brand you like the most. The brilliant thing about electronic cigarettes is that they are build in a way that will release more nicotine if you puff harder on them or if you puff on it more, just like if it was a regular cigarette.

Normally a cartridge is very similar to a package of cigarettes but another benefit here is that you will be able to get them at a much cheaper price compared to regular cigarettes. For those who wants to quit the trick is to start at the same amount of nicotine as if it was your old brand of cigarettes, and then slowly lower the dosage from cartridge to cartridge. That way you will get rid of the nicotine in your body in no time without any bad feelings or shaking.

The good news about electronic cigarettes is that you can get quality brands at a much lower price than regular cigarettes and if you are not sure whether this is you or not, you can get started with an e cigarette free trial that comes as an electronic cigarette starter kit so you can try it out and feel all the benefits on your own. The absolute top brand that we recommend is the E Cig brand which comes with the newest technology that will ensure you’re a full experience and complete satisfaction.