Electronic Cigarettes Are They Legal to Use?

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At this point you are probably well aware of electronic cigarettes and how they can help people to get rid of the more than 4000 harmful toxins a regular cigarette consists of, perhaps you are even considering getting started your using electronic cigarettes, and you are probably asking yourself this question: Are electronic cigarettes legal to use?

In the United electronic cigarettes have been available since 2006, which kind of put them in a place where there are still a lot of legal questions to be asked because then it comes to the legal status of electronic cigarettes, they are not a tobacco product and they are not a Nicotine replacement product that can help people to get rid of their addiction either.

This makes it difficult for electronic cigarette companies to advertise for their products because if they state that electronic cigarettes can help people to quit smoking, they will very likely get into troubles with the FDA because they will fall into their regulations which are not always a good idea.

FDA does take a critical look on electronic cigarettes and are constantly testing different brands to see if they contain any harmful ingredients to the user and to see if they can put a possible ban on them.

So far the federal appeals courts in the United States have ruled in favor to the electronic cigarette companies, when they have been taking into court for different reasons, like either when the FDA have seek to ban them or put regulations on them.

So far electronic cigarettes are legal to buy in the United States and the United Kingdom for people that over 18 years of age.

Electronic cigarettes are being sold in other European countries but are actually banned in some of those countries and do only have a legal status in the United Kingdom and Holland, for the simple reason that e cigarettes are difficult to categorize because they are not a tobacco product nor are they are nicotine replacement product.

So if you want to get started with electronic cigarettes you are not committing a crime, because they are perfectly legal to use in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you live outside those countries you should check what the current status is.

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